WHY ΑMΑPs of Greece

Because as members of the AMAPs of Greece we can all together:

To participate in international and domestic exhibitions, conferences, symposiums, workshops, lectures and other events.

To have access to journals, books, magazines (electronic and/or printed form).

To prepare sectorial studies and market research for its members.

To create a database of its members (and others).

To collect and circulate information to members from sources within and outside Greece.

To contribute to the creation of a national catalogue of varieties of aromatic and medicinal plants in order to assure the supply of qualified and/or certified propagation material.

To organize educational seminars, workshops, and conferences, to coordinate programs in order to provide professional training in the cultivation and processing of aromatic and medicinal plants.

To submit documents to the competent institutions for the recognition of branded quality products.

To link Aromatic and Medicinal Plants with other sectors of the economy, such as tourism.

To create a common trade mark for all members of the Association.

To spot on a map the areas of cultivation and aromatic and medicinal plants products.

To be represented in local, regional, national and supra-national structures.

To develop and support experimental/research cultivations and to link the aromatic and medicinal plants with the processing for the creation of innovative products.

To contribute to the creation of demonstrating botanical gardens, throughout Greece, of Greek flora, in collaboration with public and private bodies. To create and/or to utilize existing marketing tools for aromatic and medicinal plants.