With professionals heaving their minds on the economic development of their business activities the main objectives of AMAPs of Greece are:

The designation & development of the Greek aromatic and medicinal plants.
The promotion of research, production, marketing, distribution and usage of Greek aromatic and medicinal plants, as well as related products.
The spreading of know-how and the contribution to the formulation of national policy on the subject.
Creation of conditions for the development of the object, in the light of theecological development and countryside development.

AMAPs of Greece started with a meeting on 09/02/2013, in Zootechnia, at the invitation of ArgOrama and under the co-ordination of Mr. D. Michailidis and continued by meeting at Litochoro by hosting of the Union of Young Farmers of Pieria. A broad consultation was made in Larisa on 08/06/2013 and the statute was signed on 10/07/2013 at the welcoming place of the Protection and Exploitation of Wild and Floristic Species Laboratories at ELGO DEMETRA, in Thermi, Thessaloniki.

A pleasant surprise was the rich review of the temporary board of AMAPs of Greece, the previous, first half that the AMAPs of Greece was created (from 10/7/2013) where among many other recorded the following:

24/8/2013: Presentation of AMAPs of Greece in Chalkidiki
6-8/9/2013: Participation and presentation in Festival Rural Youth Preveza.
7-15/9/2013: Participation in the International Exhibition of Thessaloniki with the new informative diptych
15/09/2013: AMAPs of Greece Presentation at the 3rd New Crops Conference, Athens
21/09/2013: AMAPs of Greece Presentation with article in Agreda
21/09/2013: Participation in Ecocelebration - NeaElvetia, Thessaloniki
23/09/2013: Presentation at Milos in the event of the South Aegean Region
30/09/2013: AMAPs of Greece Presentation with article in Agriculture-Livestock
04/10/2013: Presentation of Agricultural Entrepreneurship at the Hellenic Botanical Company’s Conference
09/10/2013: Presentation at Andros in seminars of the South Aegean Region
17/10/2013: Visit at East Peloponnese Medicinal Aromatic Plants
12/12/2013: Social Cooperative Enterprises and AMAPs of Greece Presentation in workshop ATEITH-Sindos
12/12/2013: AMAPs of Greece Presentation in workshop at Genisea,Xanthi
13/11/2013: AMAPs of Greece Presentation and cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants at TV100, Thessaloniki
30/11/2013: AMAPs of Greece Presentation at Chrisoupoli, Kavala
30/11/2013: AMAPs of Greece Presentation at Agricultural Association of Rhodope’s workshop
11/12/2013: AMAPs of Greece Presentation at Agia, Larissa
22/12/2013: AMAPs of Greece Presentation on Money Show at Hilton, Athens

In addition to public appearances-presentations, AMAPs of Greece worked in the field of its members and among others gave to its members the book “CULTIVATION, PROCESSING AND QUALITY ASSURANCE OF GREEK AROMATIC-MEDICINAL PLANTS: BASIC PRINCIPLES OF VERTICAL PRODUCTION” OF Dr. Helen Maloupa, Dr. Katerina Grigoriadou, Dr. DiamantoLazari& Dr. Nicholas Kriga.