Who can apply to become member of AMAPs of Greece:

Any legal or natural person, as long as it fulfills the minimum requirement of 5 acres of cultivation for natural persons, or 15 acres for legal persons or groups.
Anybody who processaromatic and medicinal plants -except those who use artificial essential oils and other chemical ingredients to replace natural ingredients derived from aromatic and medicinal plants - and after the definition of the orientation of their business activities from the AMAPs of GreeceBoard.
Approved producers of propagating material.
Finally, anybody can be nominated as an honorary member, who in any way enhances the work of AMAPs of Greece and/or with their knowledge and their prestige contribute to the success of its goals.

The Association is run/represented by a seven-Member Board of Directors that is elected each year by its superior body of the General Assembly that is convened each year (in the first two months of the year).

Name City-Village Email Website
1 Grigoriadou Aikaterini ARIDAIA Grower, Processor Propagator
2 Goudinoglou Styliani LANGADAS Processor
3 Sarakatsianou Athina VASILIKA Grower, Processor
4 Papazoglou Kostas KOMOTINI Grower, Processor, Propagator
5 Takos George ZAGLIVERI Grower
6 Pilatos Nikolas PYLAIA Grower
7 Hellenic Association of Organic Growers of Aloe KORYTSAS & VOURBIANIS, PERISTERI GrowerPropagator
8 Kirpitsas John SERRES Grower, Processor
9 Souliopoulos George TRIKALA Grower, Processor
10 Gekas Vasilios PANORAMA Grower
11 Aygoustis Konstantinos SHOLARI Grower
12 Oikonomou Athanasios THERMI Growers of Aloe Vera, Barbadensis Miller
13 Masgalidis Tryfon THERMI Grower, Processor
14 Tsinopoulos Panagiotis THESSALONIKI Processor
15 Kosmidis Panteleimon DRYMOS Grower, Processor
16 Oikonomou Pashalina EPANOMI Grower, Processor
17 Papadopoulos Michael LANGADAS Grower, Processor, Propagator
18 Goltsios Vasilios ILION Grower, Propagator
19 Moraitis John THESSALONIKI Grower, Processor
20 Mavroskotis Konstantinos AYLONA Grower, Processor, Propagator
21 Mimis Athanasios GEFYRA Grower, Processor, Propagator
22 Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of  East Peloponissos ARGOLIDA Growers Association (Growers)
23 Varoutis Dimosthenis ANDROS Grower
24 Malini Irine KOZANI Grower
25 Smargianakis George KASTELI KRHTHS Grower
26 Tsoukalidis Athanasios LARISA Grower
27 Koutloubasis John K. TOYMPA THESSALONIKIS Grower, Processor
28 Petridis Paul THESSALONIKI Grower
29 Misirlis Nikos VASILIKA Grower
30 Papas Dimitrios KASTORIA Grower
31 Bagatzounis Panagiotis KOZANI  Processor